CTD can provide the most current and comprehensive information on the feasibility of your particular application. By drawing on its database and extensive scientific contacts, CTD may identify studies that have already been done relating to your application. Such a report can provide ideas for other approaches, prevent the repetition of work doomed to fail, give comfort that the chosen approach is feasible and provide a list of potential collaborators.

CTD has compiled an extensive collection of information related to the enhancing interactions between members of the Trappsol®family of Cyclodextrin's with a variety of different substances.

This information includes:

While pharmaceuticals are likely to be the first major commercial industry to benefit from CMCyclodextrin's, CTD is positioned to promote Cyclodextrin's and CMCyclodextrin's for any potential application, and there are many....

As you can see Cyclodextrin's and CMCyclodextrin's are applicable in any industry that requires the controlled and reproducible delivery of chemical agents in aqueous systems.

Call CTD to ask for specific literature references to any of these applications. Purchase a Trappsol Starter Kit and begin your own exploration.

Since many countries (not the U.S.) already use Cyclodextrin's in food products, there is much information in the patent literature about these applications. As part of our consulting and business development services we can make known to you what patents are available for licensing and in some cases we can actually conduct licensing negotiations with the patent owners on your behalf. Ask us about licensing opportunities currently available to help your business.

By far the most prolific patentors of Cyclodextrin technology are the Japanese. Japanese industries have been developing commercial applications of natural Cyclodextrin's for more than 20 years and they continue to find more exciting ways to apply these interesting molecules. In an effort to help U.S. industry become more aware of these new applications (especially in the food industry), our consulting service is planning a newsletter that will provide up-to-date listings and explanations of uses of Cyclodextrin's patented around the world. Contact us to find out more about this newsletter.

CTD personnel are able to act as consultants to organizations wishing to asses, commercialize, acquire, etc. Cyclodextrin-related technology. Through its worldwide academic and industrial contacts, CTD can provide reliable and timely technical, patent, regulatory, and marketing advice. These services are available under customary financial arrangements covering per-diem fees and expenses. Contact CTD for it's fee schedule.