CTD can coordinate complexation oriented research to determine the optimum method for producing either liquid or solid complexes. Such research can facilitate scale-up operations and reduce time and expenses to produce commercial products. CTD is prepared to act as consultant, development partner, or technology transfer agent in such projects.

CTD can also coordinate the production of commercial quantities of Trappsol® complexes manufactured to GMP standards.

These last services require formal business agreements and/or supply agreements. Technology transfer fees and/or joint development arrangements involving royalties, and advance technology fees may be appropriate as well.

Now is the time to get CTD's help to get your product to market; some food applications of CMCyclodextrin's can be expected to get to market in 2-3 years and cost less than several million dollars to get there. Let CTD be a partner in your food development endeavors. As a partner CTD can contribute:

Remember, CTD brought Garlessence® to the US market in 1995. Garlessence® is a dietary supplement containing Trappsol® BCyclodextrin and garlic extract for lowering serum cholesterol; it is the first BCyclodextrin containing product approved in the US for human oral ingestion.